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Gucci Garden Archetypes

An archetype is the original model of something, the source. As such, it can never be recreated as a copy of itself, but rather informs and influences what comes after. In the same way, the advertising campaigns of Gucci over the last six years, complementary to the creative vision of Alessandro Michele, represent an absolutely unique moment, food for thought on universal themes and on creativity itself.Visions, questions, and standpoints are illustrated within the exhibit immersed within the kaleidoscopic aesthetic of Alessandro Michele, multiplying in diverse inspirations and other archetypes that range from art and music to modern metropolises and utopian worlds, where the border between past, present and future, between history and mythology, continues to move.

The journey travels through time and outside of it, going back to where it all began, in Florence—the city where, one hundred years ago, Guccio Gucci founded the Maison.The circle closes a nd the voyage begins again: at the entrance, visitors are welcomed by a control room with 30 screens that intermittently show images from the campaigns presented in the rooms to come. Glimpses of Los Angeles, Berlin and Tokyo alternate with visions of enchanted gardens and intergalactic landscapes, ark builders are seen alongside compulsive collectors, dancers, irreverent smiles, partying pop stars, youth in revolt, horses waiting at a car wash. The worlds are parallel, sometimes overlapping, to be explored in the company of suggestions and reflections.

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